One of the many important advances in orthodontics has been the development of temporary anchorage devices, or TAD’s. Made of a bio-compatible titanium alloy, TAD’s are mini-screw anchors which are inserted into specific places in the mouth to be used as a fixed point from which teeth can move. Before TAD’s, orthodontists who wanted to move some teeth while keeping others still, or to achieve orthodontic movement in a mouth with missing teeth, had to rely on headgear for their fixed point. But TAD’s now provide an option for that fixed point that is smaller, more discrete, more efficient and requires significantly less work for the patient.

Temporary anchorage devices may not be recommended for everyone, and in fact, anchorage devices at all may not be needed in all cases. Contact us if you’d like to know more about TADs and how they can potentially prevent you from needing orthodontic headgear.

Dr. Jolley’s Contribution to the State of the Art

Dr. Jolley was published in the June 2007 Journal of Clinical Orthodontics! The title of his research article is “Peak Torque Values at Fracture of Orthodontic Miniscrews” pg. 326-328.

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